WHO ARE WE?  ///  The NGC is essentially a school club comprised of student designers and artists at RMCAD although, given our focus on collaboration, we identify as a collective.  The collective was founded by instructors,  Jeff Page, Tobias Fike and student, Alex Killgore.  This collective is technically for RMCAD students only although we regularly collaborate with outside artists and organizations for every project.

MISSION  ///  The mission of the NGC at RMCAD is to expose students to alternative perspectives and strategies beyond traditional practices in visual art.  This collective is a lab and a creative forum for bringing more challenging work to the RMCAD ecosystem- encouraging students to explore the vast boundaries between media.  As a collective, we create collaborative projects taking the form of performances, happenings, screenings and exhibitions. 

WHAT WE DO  ///  The NGC invigorates the RMCAD campus with inspiring creative energy.  We create experimental projects on and off campus with a fun group of your peers along with the guidance of Jeff and Tobias.  Many of our projects will take place throughout the city, beyond RMCAD.  Student participants gain substantial professional development experiences while interfacing with arts institutions and prominent community members. We meet every other week (approximately) during the academic year.  Often during meetings Jeff and Tobias present project ideas for on and off-campus exhibition opportunities.  From there, the collective decides how to execute each project, focusing on strategizing, building, testing materials, coordination and collaboration. Everyone has a chance to pursue their ideas throughout each project.